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March 8, 2024 is the deadline to apply!
Please read the rules and below items carefully before proceeding with your registration. We reserve the right to disqualify individuals who disregard the rules and items found on this page!

Participants will have three minutes to pitch their idea to the judges.

March 8th is the deadline to apply.

Participants will receive communication regarding who has made it to the semi-finals by March 17th.

Pitches will be evaluated based on their ability to answer the following Key Questions:

-What is your technology, product, or service?  Briefly describe what you sell and the need it fulfills (i.e. what is the problem and what solution does your product/service provide?)

-What is your target market?  Briefly state to whom you are selling this product/service.

-How large is the applicable market? Into what industry does your product or service best fit?

-Who is your competition? Competition is positive as it confirms that a market exists for your product/service. All products and services have competition.

-What is your competitive advantage?  What makes you unique? Why do you have an advantage over others? How will your company provide this product/service better than the competition?

-Who is behind the company? As the old saying goes, “Bet on the jockey, not on the horse.” Explain how the experience of you, your team, and/or your advisory board gives you credibility.

A pitch is a story; it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  In the beginning of the story, set yourself up as the expert (tell a little about yourself).  Next, tell us the ‘problem/issue’. Then, end or close by telling us how you or your product can solve the problem/issue.

Please remember to keep the wording as simple as possible.  If you are solving a technical problem, chances are the judges will not have the same level of knowledge as you – so keep it simple!!

No Powerpoint or slide-based presentations!

We find that it’s much too easy to hide behind presentations of this type. We encourage the use of note cards or other items during your presentation. We hope you understand our decision regarding this matter.

-Entrents must be 18 years of age as of the competition day.

-Entries must be the original work of the entrant.

-Any explicit language and/or content will result in immediate disqualification.

-At the time of the presentation in the semifinal round, entrants will present their pitch to a panel of judges. The pitch may not be changed between the semifinal round and the final round.

-Any external funding received by the participant with regards to their “Idea” must be identified and reported on the application. Ventures that have raised equity capital totaling $250,000 or more from sources other than team members or team members’ friends and families, or that have realized more than $750,000 in sales in the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the competition are not eligible. Federal grant awards, including funding from SBIR/STTR programs, are excluded from this restriction.

Individuals may only enter one idea into the competition, whether they do so individually or as part of a team.

-Entrants will have three (3) minutes to present their pitch to the judges.
-No Powerpoint slides are allowed. A prototype and/or a presentation board may be used.
-Entrants must apply online. Online applications will be assessed for eligibility and availability.
-Entrants must be available for a short pre-screening phone call after applying online.
-All eligible entrants will be invited to Pitch It Texarkana! to make their three-minute pitch in front of a panel of judges.
-Eligible entrants will be emailed their audition time for the semifinals. Any entrant that is late for their assigned audition time will be considered a “no show” and cannot be guaranteed a later time.
-The Semifinal judges, in their sole discretion, will determine those entrants who participate in the Finals.
-The winner of Pitch It Texarkana! will be selected by the Finals judge.
-You must live and reside within a 45 mile radius of Texarkana.

**Prize money will be awarded in 3 installments. The first installment will be awarded to the winners within one week of the competition, the second installment will be awarded 2 months after the competition upon submission of the winner’s first progress report, and the final installment will be awarded 4 months after the competition upon submission of the final progress report. Progress reports must be emailed for review by a member of the Pitch It board, and should include a summary of the actions taken to develop the business idea, an account of prize money expenditures, and plans for next steps.

By submitting an idea, you represent to the Idea Audition that you have all rights, title, and/or interest in the idea submitted and that the information you present is accurate and complete.
Pitch It Texarkana! reserves the right to require at any time that any entrant sign an affidavit indicating that they do meet each of the aforementioned rules and guidelines at any point and continuously throughout the applicable competition and, as applicable, following such competition. In addition, any award is subject to forfeiture and/or repayment if the Idea Audition determines, in its sole discretion that the competitor receiving such award was not in compliance with these rules and guidelines.

Judge's Rubric

Use this link to view the “Judge’s Rubric” and see the grading system before your presentation!

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